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One of two receptions rooms
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La Salesse, Lot, France - € 160,000

Welcome to our house in the Hamlet of La Salesse. It is waiting for a new family to live in and enjoy it’s beauty and charm.

We have been here for 8 wonderful years but now the birds have flown the nest it is time for us to move on to somewhere smaller.

The following pages will give you a detailed description of the house and the area in which it is located. Also included are some useful links to other sites.

We are sure whoever buys the house will not only be charmed by the stunning countryside in which it is situated, but also by the people of the commune of La Salesse. They have been kind, helpful, polite and it has been a pleasure to have known them.

We will miss them.

4 Bedroom House
The house has four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, arranged on one floor and a converted attic. A full description can be accessed by clicking this link... Our French farmhouse
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Living Room
Part of Our Garden
The Countryside
La Salesse is for sale for 160,000 euros direct with the owner - no estate agent's commission!

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